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  Q11 series electrically operated shearing machine
  QC12Y series hydraulic shearing machine
  QC11Y series hydraulic shearing machine
  WC67Y series hydraulic pressure knee bend machine
  W11 series electrically operated oing machine
  Entire automatic oing machine
  WH06 manual folding machine
  Q11 treadons the plate cutter
  The open-book equalization cuts line
  The spiral breeze tube machine
  Altogether board flange machine
  Angle steel flat steel volume circle machine
  The sun-dried shelled shrimp bend machine (vertical sun-dried shelled shrimp is curved)
  Nips the mouth machine (windlass bone machine)
  Five press the muscle machine
  The single track presses the muscle machine
  Circular pipe perfect fitting of seams machine
  HJFN series exchange seam
Traverse winder
  Rectangular wind tube production line
  Combined shear and punch machine
  Hydraulic pressure riveting tongs
  Minute strip machine
Punch press
Heat preservation nail welding machine
  Glazed tile machine series
  C section unit
Z section unit
  Road guard rail trigger
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