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 ▲ Heat preservation nail welding machine
 ▲ Details:
     Application scope widespread: May say all needs to install the fixed heat preservation cotton and kapok the place, all may use, specially in construction and installation industry.
Reduced working procedure: Because welds the heat preservation nail, therefore does not have any request to the ventilating duct surface clear fineness, the exemption settles the clean working procedure.
    Saves the time: This welding machine each minute are most may weld 20 heat preservations nails, moreover is on the one hand on the other hand the paving heat preservation cotton and kapok welds fixedly, does not look like the cementation heat preservation nail to need to coagulate the time.
    Saves the material: May use the volume material, like this namely has saved the heat preservation cotton and kapok, also may reduce the heat preservation nail the use quantity.
    Reliable reliable: Once welds completes, keeps warm the nail not to be able the nature to fall off, thus effectively has guaranteed the construction quality.
    Non- shape limit: Executes in on any shape ventilator welds, all can guarantee the construction quality, especially constructs when the circular ventilator, can manifest the incomparable superiority.
    Non- season limit: The heat preservation nail welding construction not the job location temperature limit, executes under the winter and any temperature welds, all cannot the butt weld quality have the influence.
    Safe, simple and direct construction: Because adopts the job practice which is on the one hand the paving on the other hand fixed disposable installment completes, therefore reduced the constructor work high above the ground time and the number of times, causes the construction to change safely, even more quickly.
    Outward appearance effect good: Because welds the nail the length consistently, after therefore the welding heat preservation cotton and kapok exterior level up, is clean, therefore suits.
    Moreover: This welding machine also may take the repair tool, the part which not firm falls off as a result of the cementation carries on the restoration to the cementation heat preservation nail, in ventilating duct exposed place use.