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 ▲ The sun-dried shelled shrimp bend machine (vertical sun-dried shelled shrimp is curved)
 ▲ Details:
    The circular wind tube nips the mouth machine both to be possible to nip the mouth in the wind barrel of pipe festival, presses the band, and may nip the mouth on the plate, press the band. Nips the mouth size to be possible to act according to the board village thickness gentle breeze tube direct nimble adjustment, altogether has five sets to take shape the roller wheel, three sets of rollers wheel uses in the round bend to nip the mouth processing, another two sets of rollers wheel uses in the metal protection lamination band, when the processing only must replace the different roller turn to be possible to achieve requests the processing the shape. The horizontal-type sun-dried shelled shrimp bend machine biggest processing board depth 1.2 millimeters, the stainless steel may process 0.6 millimeter, the diameter scope may from 125-1250 millimeter, vertical sun-dried shelled shrimp bend machine smallest bend diameter 150 millimeters, smallest pressure band diameter 150 millimeters, biggest formed board depth 1.2 millimeters
Sun-dried shelled shrimp bend machine

Technical parameter (vertical)

Smallest bend diameter (mm)


Smallest pressure band diameter (mm)


The biggest formed board is thick (mm)


Nips the mouth shape and the size

The metal protects the shell to press the band shape and the size

Formed speed (m/min)


Processing object

Tube festival plate dual purpose

Power kw


Synchronized rotational speed (m/min)


The external dimensions (long * width * is high) (mm)


Weight kg


Technical parameter (horizontal type)

Work diameter (mm)

¢ 125- ¢ 1,250

Smallest work angle (°)


Adds  the labor
The board  is thick

Galvanized sheet (mm)


Stainless steel (mm)


The machine external dimensions (long * width * is high) (mm)


Weight kg