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 ▲ Hydraulic pressure riveting tongs
 ▲ Details:
     In this machine uses the riveting law, not only can independently complete the riveted joint working procedure, moreover also could directly on the wind tube clash aperture, remarkably reduce assistance time to prepare. Production efficiency high, operation simple, is easy to grasp; Uses the hydraulic transmission, the hydraulic pressure pumping station and the riveted joint pliers structure compact, clever facile, performance reliable, is easy to transport and shifting; The control circuit uses 12 volts safe voltages, guarantees operator's personal safety.

Specification model




HJYM-20 riveted joint pliers

Riveted joint rivet diameter

Phi 4, Phi 5mm

Flush rivet GB109-76

The biggest punched plate is thick



Single inferior travel time

1 second


Holds the angle steel specification

<= 50×5